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Integration Solution for Gearboxes

Today's level of technology concerning mechanical Gearboxes and Electric Drive Systems (Bottom Center Positioned)
Different gearboxes which are bottom center positioned in a bicycle frame need different frames with a mounting plate that is customized to the respective gearbox case and that is integrated immovable into the frame. This is  limiting severely most OEMs with their choice of gearboxes – with or without electrical support. Thus the OEMs have to plan a long time in advance for the number of their bike models with mechanical gearboxes (f.e. Pinion, etc.) or with e-bike drives (f.e. Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, etc.). Since most bottom center positioned gearboxes and electric drives need different frames, the lead time for it is extremely long and for Purchase Managers it is correspondingly difficult to order the right frames in time, which comes close to a feat.

Designer and Developer Andy Muff has addressed this problem and developped a solution to customize the different gearbox cases for one and  the same transmission cradle on different frames, which eliminates or reduces the problem mentioned above drastically. This way, it will be possible for OEMs to offer a bigger selection of bottom center positioned gearbox cases and to reduce drastically the logistic/warehousing, and on the same time the lead time. Consumers who would like a new system after a couple of years can change it without being obliged to buy a new bike.

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