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Perfect Riding Position

Professional cyclists lead the way: Top performances are
impossible unless the riding position is adjusted to the milli-
meter. Only if the distances between the contact points
saddle, handlebar and pedals are positioned in the right
length and at the right angle, an optimal power transmission
is possible. What helps the pros is also a help for hobby
bikers and everyday cyclists. Thanks to a riding position
which is perfectly adjusted to the body, they prevent pains
and get tired less quickly during the ride.

ISA components allow adjusting the riding position on the
bike precisely to the millimeter to the cyclist's body.

ach and every cyclist who wants to ride comfortably and as
energy-efficiently as possible benefits from the advantages
of ISA. ISA is also a help for every bike renter, test bike
provider and dealer because they can offer the suiting bicycle
for their different customers within minutes thanks to ISA.